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VHSD East Melbourne Genetics

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21 Dec 2017


Ground Floor, 344 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne, VIC 3002


Dr Sharyn Stock-Myer P: +61 (03) 94734483


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VHSD East Melbourne Genetics

ISO 15189 (2022)

  • This facility complies with the relevant National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) requirements.

Human Pathology

Service Product Determinant
Molecular genetics - Assay for defined mutation or polymorphism (including pharmacogenetic testing) - Targeted genes Biopsied embryonic cell(s); Blastomere; Blood; Buccal swabs; Fluids; Products of conception (POC); Tissues; Trophectoderm Mitochondrial disorders; Rare autosomal dominant single gene disorders; Rare autosomal recessive single gene disorders; Rare x-linked single gene disorders; Variants in the nuclear genome
Molecular genetics - Investigation of constitutional genetic variants - Carrier testing - Targeted genes Amniotic fluid; Biopsied embryonic cell(s); Blastomere; Blood; Buccal swabs; Products of conception (POC); Trophectoderm Autosomal dominant single gene disorders; Autosomal recessive single gene disorders; Mitochondrial disorders; Variants in the nuclear genome; X-linked single gene disorders
Molecular genetics - Pre-implantation genetic testing Biopsied embryonic cell(s); Biopsied embryonic cell(s) - Blastomere/trophectoderm; Blastomere; Blood; Trophectoderm; Whole blood Aneuploidy screening of amplified trophectoderm/blastomere DNA; Chromosome copy number analysis; Chromosome structural rearrangements; Monogenic (single gene) disorders and small copy number variations

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