Viterra Operations Pty Ltd


Viterra Operations Pty Ltd

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

31 Mar 2017


30 - 32 Stirling Street
Thebarton, SA 5031


Ms Julie O'Dea P: +61 (08) 83045145


Services not available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Viterra Operations Pty Ltd

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure
Analysis for residues and contaminants (including pesticide residues, excluding veterinary chemicals residues) Grains Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA); Glufosinate; Glyphosate (n-[phosphonomethyl]glycine) LC-MS in-house method 21/06681
Diquat; Imazamox; Imazapic; Imazapyr; Imazaquin; Imazethapyr; Paraquat LC-MS in-house methods 20/0635 and 20/4176
Analysis of physical and nutritional characteristics Barley; Wheat Protein Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)

AACC 4415.02 and in-house method CTE/03

Protein Dumas In-house method CTE/01
Moisture Gravimetric

in-house method CTE/02

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