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Waratah Steel Mill

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

13 Sep 1967


Maud Street
Waratah, NSW 2298


Mr Shane Suffolk P: +61 0409367024


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Waratah Steel Mill

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Material performance evaluation of metal products Prepared metallic test specimens Tensile properties Tensile tests with control of strain rate, including yield stress and proof stress

AS 1391; ASTM E8; ISO 6892.1

10 to 500 kN

including proof stress at 0.2%
Hardness Vickers

AS 1817.1, ASTM E384, ISO 6507

9.8 to 490 N

Hardness Rockwell - Scale B; Rockwell - Scale C

AS 1815.1, ASTM E18, ISO 6508

B and C scales

Impact resistance Charpy - Lateral expansion; Charpy V-notch - Impact value; Izod - Impact value

AS 1554.1, ASTM E23, AS 1544.2 AS 1544.3 and ISO 148-1

Charpy - ambient to -100°C and at -196°C.  Izod - ambient temperature

Bending properties Not applicable

AS 2505.2

Hardness Brinell

AS 1816.1, ASTM E10, ISO 6506

4.9 to 29.4 kN

Wheels for railway rolling stock Residual stress Physical measurement

BS 5892.3

in-house RP-MEC-SUB-PRO-002

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Metallographic evaluation of metals and alloys Ferrous materials Non-metallic inclusion content Macroscopic examination; Microscopic examination

AS 2197, ASTM E45, ASTM E1245, ISO 4967

Grain size Intercept (Heyn) method; Microscopic examination

AS 1733, ASTM E112

Steels including thermal treatments up to 1300 degrees C
Effective depth of hardening after flame or induction hardening (hardenability) Not applicable

ISO 642 and ASTM A255

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