Technical Assessors News April 2016

Technical Assessors News April 2016

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World Accreditation Day 2016

Each year we celebrate World Accreditation Day on 9 June.

This global initiative was established to raise awareness of the importance and value of accreditation.

The theme for World Accreditation Day changes each year and in 2016 we’re focussing on Accreditation: A Global Tool to Support Public Policy and the support accreditation delivers as a tool for all areas in the public sector.

In their joint statement, Xiao Jianhua (Chair of the IAF) and Pete Unger (Chair of ILAC), said:

“Accreditation is a global tool that helps to address local, national and international needs for governments.

Standards, conformity assessment and accreditation are all market based tools that can be used by Government policy makers to deliver better regulation, environmental protection, public safety, fraud prevention, fair and efficient markets and public trust.

There are four clear ways the public sector can benefit from accreditation and other conformity assessment tools:

  • Government can help improve the performance of business by encouraging the use of conformity assessment by minimising risk and promoting trade.
  • Accredited conformity assessment can help government deliver and enforce its policies
  • Conformity assessment helps regulators regulate
  • Government can improve its own performance by using conformity assessment in its own departments.”

To explain the use of accredited conformity assessment, an excellent website has been established at to showcase different examples of where accreditation has been used to support public policy efforts.


New Technical Assessor training tool

The contribution of Technical Assessors is essential to NATA in the delivery of peer-assessment based accreditation services that meet the national interest and public wellbeing.

NATA provides face-to-face training for new Technical Assessors on its accreditation process and the role of the Technical Assessor at major centres around Australia via the Technical Assessor Development Program (TADP).

For those Technical Assessors who are in remote locations in Australia, are overseas or have trouble getting to a NATA office for a day, we have developed a webinar training solution. The webinar approach allows more interaction between the NATA trainers and the trainees than a normal e-learning approach and does so in a time effective manner.

The content of this webinar is based on the Assessor Information Guide (AIG) which is provided to all Technical Assessors in the Assessor Resource Kit when they join the body of NATA Assessors

A Technical Assessor will need to put aside a half a day to attend the two parts of the training but they do not need to leave their facility and will have time to catch up on other matters in between the two sessions. To be considered to be a trained Technical Assessor both sections of the training will need to be completed.

The first of the webinar TADPs was conducted on 9 March 2016 and the second was held on 19 April. Courses will be scheduled throughout the year. NATA will advise when these programs are up-coming and those Assessors in remote locations who are untrained will receive an invitation to register from the NATA Training Services Group.

It is also hoped that this webinar training will allow current Technical Assessors, who attended a training course many years ago, to register for a refresher course.

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in up-coming training, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Technical Assessor review process

To ensure NATA has the latest information on its Technical Assessors we periodically review the information we hold in our database. We need to have current information to allow our Lead Assessors to efficiently set up assessment teams for our technical visits and to provide Technical Assessors with the latest information on accreditation criteria.

Every five years, the Sector Managers contact the Technical Assessors under their competency area, eg. Construction Materials, Medical etc. They need to ensure that contact details are current and that the scope of testing that the Technical Assessor feels happy to assess is still the same. We ascertain if areas of expertise (currently based on classes of tests) can be added or removed.

At this time we also look to see if the technical assessor still wishes to remain on our list of active Technical Assessors. The Sector Manager will review the Technical Assessor list in their area and make decisions as to whether a Technical Assessor will continue their appointment, based on the requirements of the field at the time.

To make this periodic task easier, NATA requests Technical Assessors to inform NATA if their circumstances change. This may include:

  • Retirement;
  • Change of contact details (email, mobile phone, home address);
  • Change of employer;
  • Major change in job responsibilities.

Technical Assessors can contact the NATA office in their State or can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our AACs need you!

Each field and program within NATA’s accreditation activity has an Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC). The AAC has a unique and important role within NATA by providing input to operations within the relevant field or program and advice to the Board at a technical level.

An AAC is a group of experts appointed by the Board on the basis of their knowledge and technical expertise in the area of work covered by the particular field or program of accreditation.
Each person’s appointment is for a fixed term, these being staggered to preserve continuity within the Committee.

Committee members need to have:

  • substantial practical experience in the application of those methods for which they have expert knowledge;
  • demonstrated commitment to the principles of accreditation; and
  • had significant exposure to the NATA accreditation process.

Several of our AACs are seeking new members and we encourage you to take a look here to see if any of these roles may suit your expertise.


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