Misuse of NATA emblem in test reports/certificates by non accredited entities

The following reports/certificates have been confirmed as being fraudulent and were not issued by a NATA accredited facility (including where an accreditation number may have been stated in the report/certificate).

Name (as appearing on report/certificate) Date of Report/Certificate Report/
Certificate id
Reported services Comments
Asbestos Watch 28 December 2019 Certificate No: 4855 Asbestos Identification  
DNA Labs India 13 July 2019 - Non-invasive prenatal testing -
Envirosolutions*1 22 June 2018 Q20690R20;
CER 1512021669
Estimation of airborne asbestos Misuse included Accreditation numbers 15172/15173
Shariki Testing Pty Ltd 11 July 2018 LA16782 Tensile Strength; elongation at break; angle tear resistance Misuse included Accreditation number 15701


*1 The legal entity ABN 14 618 911 578 Enviro Solutions Pty Ltd was not the originator of the report and certificate bearing their name. The report was issued by a third party.

Matters concerning the potential misuse of the NATA emblem on test reports and certificates should be referred to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.