New Industry Guide - Working with NATA Accredited Food Testing Laboratories

Working with NATA Accredited Food Testing Laboratories’ - the first of a series of Industry Guides has now been published on the NATA website.

Aimed primarily at the users of accredited service providers, Industry Guides will provide practical advice and tips for getting the most out of NATA accredited organisations.

Food testing is clearly an important public health and safety element of laboratory infrastructure, not only in the domestic context but also for trade. 

What the users of food testing services need to recognise though is that even if they have managed to identify an appropriately competent laboratory, it may be of limited use unless they:

  • start by making sure both parties agree on what has to be done; 
  • provide appropriate clearly identified samples that are not compromised by poor packaging and transport; and
  • check reports to ensure that what they receive matches their specification.

By improving the interface between end users and accredited facilities, there will be flow-on benefits to the whole community.

Additional Industry Guides to be developed over coming months in response to stakeholder feedback include:

  • Working with NATA Accredited Calibration Laboratories
  • Working with NATA Accredited Environmental Facilities
  • Working with NATA Accredited Building and Construction Product Testing Laboratories