Industry User Guide No 2 – Calibration

Industry Guide CalibrationWorking with NATA Accredited Calibration Laboratories - the second of NATA’s user guide series - is now available for download from the NATA website.

Developed with the input of laboratory and industry stakeholders, the aim of these guides is to improve the interface between end users and accredited facilities, something that will deliver business efficiency and better quality products and services.

Calibration is a source of mystery to many and knowing the right questions to ask of a service provider to obtain the most appropriate and cost effective outcome can be a challenge. Making the task more difficult are some misconceptions of terms such as calibration, traceability and measurement uncertainty all made worse by some rather unfortunate business practices.

This new guide takes users through:

  • choosing a calibration laboratory;
  • how to specify your requirements;
  • things to avoid; and 
  • what to do with the calibration report once the task is complete.

One particular focus of the guide is that asking for “all calibrations to be NATA-endorsed” from the very start of the process will neutralise much of the misinformation that can lead the less informed user down the wrong path.
Two more guides are currently being created and include:

  • Working with NATA Accredited Environmental Facilities
  • Working with NATA Accredited Building Product Testing Laboratories

NATA welcomes proposals for other Industry User Guides. If you believe there is a need for a guide in another discipline, please talk to us about why you think there is a need and, if you can, specific issues you believe should be addressed.

Your suggestions can also be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.