Environmental and Building Product Industry User Guides

Industry User Guides 3 and 4 will be available from the NATA website by the end of April. Some production delays have resulted in missing this edition of NATA News but both will be available for on screen reading or as downloadable pdf files. Please keep an eye on the website.

No 3 - Working with NATA Accredited Environmental Facilities - is aimed at assisting a broad spectrum of government and industry users to interface efficiently and effectively with accredited environmental laboratories and inspection bodies.

The needs of users with regard to identifying various environmental constituents and contaminants vary from the extremes of qualitative “is it there” type assessments through to analyses requiring state-of-the-art limits of detection and low uncertainties. Clarifying the purpose and types of investigation needed is essential to achieving sensible outcomes.

Sampling is often the weak link with testing. Poor samples can never yield reliable results. This may seem obvious but it is also a very common failing. This guide provides practical advice on what/what not to do to ensure that the testing is not a waste of time and money.

No 4 - Working with NATA Accredited Building Product Laboratories - similarly is aimed at improving the understanding of laboratory users who rely on NATA accredited facilities to ensure their products comply with relevant standards and codes.

Non-conforming building products have become a major source of concern in government procurement and the construction industry not only with regard to quality but in many cases safety as well.

Testing is only a tool, not a solution, but sensible use of accredited laboratories at the appropriate points in the supply chain can provide confidence that products entering the Australian market are indeed compliant.

Two more industry user guides in preparation will assist exporters and importers to understand how NATA’s signatory status to international mutual recognition arrangements can assist as well as providing some practical advice on what not to do!