DTS marks 60 years in food and beverage testing

DTS Testing

Dairy Technical Services Limited was founded in 1954 to provide microbiological and chemical test results for export products. The business is now known as DTS Food Laboratories.

In 2014 DTS celebrates 60 years in business. It is unique in that it is the only food testing laboratory in Australia owned by members of the food industry.

NATA accredited since 1961, DTS offers a choice of either cultural techniques or rapid methods relating to general microbiology and pathogens. The company’s work also includes the identification of bacteria and enumeration of spoilage organisms affecting product quality.

Food product tests offered by DTS include: sensory evaluations for taints, storage trials, head space analysis, photo microscopy, particle/mesh size, viscosity measurements, product functionality tests and foreign body identification tests.

DTS offers analysis for food allergens in raw materials, environmental swabs, material in production and finished products. 

Using real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, DTS can detect the presence of genetically modified material at very low levels, and provide qualitative and quantitative GMO testing in raw materials and/ or processed foodstuffs for the Australasian and South East Asian regions. 

DTS’s GMO services can test for all commercialised GMO plants in the world.

DTS holds multiple NATA accreditations in Biological Testing and Chemical Testing as well as Corporate accreditation.