A new approach to assessment of asbestos testing facilities

Asbestos Clearance

From 1 June 2014 NATA has implemented a new process for the assessment of facilities testing asbestos.  After extensive stakeholder consultation NATA Chemical Testing Annex A Asbestos Identification in Bulk Samples and Annex B Asbestos Fibre Counting have been extensively revised.  The rationale behind the changes is described in NATA Information Paper 11.  All three publications are available from the NATA website.

The major points of the revised assessment process are:

  • Discontinuation of the approval of asbestos counters and identifiers by NATA.  The formal process of interviewing each counter and identifier at each reassessment has been replaced by assessment of the process accredited facilities use to train and approve counters and identifiers.

  • Assessment of proficiency testing participation at the facility level.  Previously all approved counters and identifiers were required to participate in proficiency testing.

  • Discontinuation of the use of slides or asbestos samples provided by the NATA assessment team as a means of assessing the competency of facility staff.  Materials used in the in-house training and competency program will now be used.

In making these changes NATA has brought the assessment of asbestos in-line with the assessment processes for other technical disciplines.