Business impacts and opportunities

Parliament House

Two notification services provided by Commonwealth departments may be well known to most readers, but just in case…

Government policy and regulation is constantly being reviewed and changed. Many of these have relevance to NATA’s accredited facilities and stakeholders. The business consultation site advises of a broad range of consultations being undertaken across all Commonwealth agencies. It is possible to register and receive automatic notifications of those currently being undertaken. A filter can be used to set preferences so subscribers do not receive absolutely everything. 

Even if you don’t subscribe, the website is a useful place to visit now and then to see what is going on in government.

The site AusTender is probably even better known than the business consultation site, but again, just in case you haven’t been surfing the web in the last twenty years, it might be worth a look. This site also allows you to register and be sent automatic notifications. It (mercifully) also has a filter that can be applied so not every government purchase and tender is received. A warning though, even with fairly narrow filtering, the email notifications are often daily and many may not be of interest. As with all of these types of system, however, there is the occasional gem.