Department of Agriculture expands MoU


NATA’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF) has been expanded to include a new Schedule covering laboratory facilities in either the public or private sector accredited for veterinary testing of animals and animal products for diagnosis, monitoring and control of animal diseases routinely or during an emergency. 

The scope of this Schedule covers all domestic and wild terrestrial and aquatic animal species.

The MOU and this new Schedule provides for NATA and the Department to exchange information on matters that could impact on either Australia’s trading position or matters of animal or public health. Specifically, the MOU facilitates NATA providing the Department with:

(i)information NATA has received in relation to assessment activities of the Accredited Facilities that may indicate a potential risk to animal and public health and market access for Australia’s animal industries;

(ii)information regarding significant problems with the competence of the Accredited Facilities to perform specific tests.

Similarly, the Department will keep NATA informed. 

If DAFF is aware of matters that are relevant to NATA's roles regarding Accredited Facilities covered by one or more Schedules to this MOU, subject to any applicable confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations on DAFF it will provide that information to NATA’s Nominated Contact Person as soon as is practicable.

The MOU and Schedules also provide for the Department to make available its staff as technical assessors subject to availability.

Any enquiries about the Schedule can be directed to Lisa Bartlett on (03) 9274 8200 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.