FMG Engineering and NATA:  Relationships that matter 

Name:  Jade Saunders 

NATA role:  Accreditation Specialist 

As part of his NATA induction, Jade requested time at a laboratory to gain industry experience without the shadow of process or audit and where he could ask industry specific questions and secure insights into equipment and methods used in a CMT laboratory. 

“FMG Engineering was suggested as a quality laboratory in this area – well-established, with excellent laboratory practices and, importantly, with quality focussed staff,” said Jade. 

FMG accepted Jade’s request without hesitation. 

A suitable time was arranged, and Jade met with Stuart Burrows, the Quality Coordinator at FMG.  He discussed at length the processes across the laboratory as well as the facility set-up and equipment.  

“FMG covered key areas in our lengthy discussions including soil compaction and the relevance of their selected methods for their clients, and also provided me with valuable resources normally reserved for the onboarding of their new employees.”  

“The time given to me provided no direct benefit to FMG and I was impressed by Stuart’s enthusiasm toward the industry and his willingness to provide me with information,” added Jade. 

In addition to Stuart Burrows, FMG’s Laboratory Technical Manager, Matthew Platt, who is a current NATA Technical Assessor, offered Jade an additional session relating to specific test methods. 

“Overall, I was extremely impressed with the time, effort and professionalism of FMG in helping better position me in the CMT industry,” concluded Jade. 

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