Member Advisory Forum (MAF)

NATA is committed to working with its members and stakeholders with the aim that outcomes may better shape the delivery of services for the mutual benefit of NATA and members.   

To support this, the Member Advisory Forum (MAF) has been formed to be a progressive, strategic member group that will provide key insights and initiatives to benefit the broader member group and add value to NATA services. 

Forum activities

With a mandate to deliver timely, relevant and market driven outcomes of value for all NATA members, specific activities will include:

  • Tactical and operational direction centred around members’ feedback
  • Product direction leading to the short-term product roadmap and longer-term value proposition roadmap
  • Strategic direction incorporating industry trends, business drivers and technology priorities shaping NATA, its members, and stakeholders’ businesses

Forum membership

Membership will be available to members and stakeholders who have a commitment to engage with other professionals to improve members outcomes.

MAF members should express voluntary commitment to actively participate for two years.  

NATA Executive and senior management staff will be actively involved in the forum.

Forum meetings

The forum will meet twice yearly – virtual and face-to-face.

In addition, there is a provision for the forming of subgroups to explore an area or initiative in more detail as required.

Note: Membership numbers are limited, and NATA Executive will appoint MAF members to ensure representation diversity