NATA accreditation assists NSW concrete industry member transition accreditation in sudden COVID-19 lockdown

Mahaffey Associates is a firm of specialist consulting engineers who provide advice on the use of concrete and other engineering materials in new construction, investigates construction problems with a view to defect rectification and prevention, and provides advice on the selection and specification of appropriate concrete repair technologies. 

Mahaffey has held NATA accreditation for ISO/IEC17025 for many years, but it was still necessary to confirm compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 as well as effective coverage of the inspection activity by systems and documentation that had previously been assessed via laboratory accreditation.

NATA was contacted by Mahaffey requesting an urgent accreditation to support an existing project where formwork, pour practices and finish were mission-critical to the client.

Due to lockdown, the works were put on hold. When the ban was lifted, work was frantically re-scheduled and included the NATA assessment ahead of the pour. Adding to the challenge, the NATA Technical Assessor was in another state and the Lead Assessor in a lockdown LGA.  

In a virtual environment and in an incredibly tight turnaround, Mahaffey was granted inspection accreditation to conduct the inspection works that included the witnessing of formwork and pour practices, and the examination of concrete finish and post-cast flaws. 

This was a win for all stakeholders.