NATA Education Spotlight

Name: Indra Shiju

Title: Administration Officer, Education

Q: What brought you to NATA?

A: What NATA stands for and the commitment towards its members and to the community brought me to NATA. NATA’s accreditation services improve the consistency and quality of products and services and this gives the public confidence in buying products i.e., food, appliances and even toys. It assures people that these products can be used safely and with confidence, and I am also a part of that community who prefer to buy products from NATA accredited organisations.

Q: What is your previous experience in the training / education area?

A: Prior to starting my current role with NATA, I was new to the education area. After completing my MBA, I started working as an HR Administrator in my hometown then we moved to Australia I started here with some volunteer work. Then I worked as a Customer Service Representative and then with NATA as Administration Officer for the Education Team.

Q: What do you like about NATA’s education courses?

A: NATA’s education courses are highly interactive and relevant to members and to the community. Our participants are not just limited to Australia, we have participants who attend our training courses from across the world. Our courses help participants gain more confidence and helps them to directly apply the knowledge into their work. So, it’s not like attending a course just to gain a certificate, our courses are very practical and help participants in their career growth as well.

Q: How do you help ensure those that book NATA courses do so in a seamless manner?

A: I make sure all course details are updated on our website in a timely manner – giving those interested in booking a clear picture of what is happening, when and where. I also work with marketing to send out promotion emails and updated to our members. I respond to queries we receive at the earliest possible. Once the participant is enrolled into a NATA course, we will share all the required details like course timing, venue details for face-to-face training course and login details for virtual courses. We also send out reminders so that they won’t miss the training date!

Q: Can you provide an example of how you make the booking and attending process easy?

A: From an administrative viewpoint, planning, organising and communicating are the essential. We plan our training schedule well ahead so we can let participants know in advance and this gives them time to plan and organise. Once we get closer to the session dates, we will work out all the necessary details for the training including sending/uploading course materials, communicating to the venue contact, and briefing the trainers.

Q: Any additional insights?

A: I am proud of working for an organisation like NATA and always happy to do whatever I can for our members.