International Client’s Day – A NATA perspective

Member News March 8, 2024
International Client’s Day – A NATA perspective
NATA team

On March 19, we celebrate International Client’s Day. To understand more about the importance of the relationships NATA shares with its Members and stakeholders, we spoke to NATA’s Client Engagement Manager, Darina Ross. 

Q:  Tell us about your role as it relates to NATA Members 

My role as Client Engagement Manager is all about ensuring we create positive and productive interactions and experiences for our Members. I am committed to building and maintaining strong relationships by understanding their needs, preferences, goals and collaborating closely with them to meet or exceed their expectations.  

To ensure client satisfaction, I consistently seek feedback and make sure Member voices are heard when making decisions that impact them. I am committed to continuously improving their experience with NATA by securing feedback, analysing data, and implementing key initiatives that help to enhance our processes and services. 

As Client Engagement Manager, I want to foster positive, long-term relationships with Members by seeking to deliver exceptional service, providing strategic guidance, addressing challenges effectively and, of course, driving mutual success. 

Q: What key areas provide our Members the most value? 

We strive to be a partner of value in our Member’s success by providing them with high-quality accreditation services, which add credibility to their business and expand their market opportunities. We aim to provide genuine support and solutions that mitigate risk, and this shows our commitment to their success and stability.  

For me, it is essential to keep our Member’s informed, listen to their concerns, offer personalised support and find practical solutions to their challenges. Flexibility and adaptability to changing Member needs and market conditions are crucial. We also value Member opinions to improve our own services so we can offer innovative solutions and adapt to meet their unique current and future needs.  

Q: Why is open, honest and transparent communication important to our Members? 

Clear, honest and open communication is critical to creating a trusting and empowering relationship with our Members. When we are open about our decisions, actions and intentions, our Members feel confident in trusting us with their needs and concerns. By communicating clearly, we reduce misunderstandings and confusion, and this leads to better outcomes and smoother interactions.  

When we share our successes, challenges and areas for improvement, our Members see that we are accountable for our actions and committed to fulfilling our promises.