Industry News June 7, 2022
NATA team

Dear Members.

This year marks our 75th anniversary year and NATA has been very proud to have been providing a valuable service to our members and the community since 1947. As an organisation we have always remained mindful of our commitment to the national interest and how we play an important role in the technical infrastructure of Australia and internationally. It is always a balancing act to ensure we provide the right level of service and yet maintain an operating model that ensures we are financially viable.

The last three years have seen us, along with everyone in the global environment, face challenges that we could not imagine. NATA has been able to continue operating and provide accreditation services through the use of remote assessment tools where necessary, to ensure Members remain compliant and have continuity of their accreditation status. We have learnt a lot over this period and we are in the process of embedding these learnings into our future operating model.

Our annual fees are our main source of revenue but as a not-for-profit organisation, we are conscious that our Members maintain reasonable costs for their accreditation requirements. Since 2020 our fees have not risen and we are pleased to be able to continue this for another year. If the breadth of your scope is unchanged, then your fees will remain the same as they were in the previous year.

My thanks go to all our Members and volunteer Technical Assessors and committee members, most of whom are drawn from our membership, for your continued support and commitment. I also recognise the hard work of our staff in continuing to provide services through trying times. We have maintained the robust and rigorous processes necessary for the Australian public to have confidence that the products
and services they use are safe.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your membership with us, please contact your Accreditation Specialist.

Yours sincerely