Australian Food Safety Week 2023. Why it’s important for everyone

Industry News November 9, 2023
Australian Food Safety Week 2023. Why it’s important for everyone
NATA team

The theme for this year’s Australian Food Safety Week is Food safety – dollars and sense. The 2023 campaign is focused on adapting to the increasing cost of living by making savings through reducing food waste and growing your own food while ensuring the food you and your family eat remains safe. Learn more here 

Accreditation as part of food safety 

Supporting the global imperative for food safety, NATA accredits testing facilities that undertake chemical and microbiological analysis of virtually all types of food. In addition to food safety and nutrition, NATA also accredits for the detection of contaminants and biosecurity hazards associated with food – both for import and export purposes. 

Some key areas of NATA accreditation in food include:  

  • Allergen testing   
  • Biological safety testing on food  
  • Safety testing of imported foods  
  • Ensuring packaging does not taint food  
  • Monitoring chemical residues in grazing paddocks and feedstock  
  • Nutritional content of food  
  • Biosecurity testing for the protection our domestic crops and livestock 

Watch how NATA accreditation helps keep the food you eat, safe 

NATA encourages prospective food testing laboratories to seek accreditation so they can provide arguably the world’s best testing to their food clients. This in turn ensures their clients are providing food products of the highest quality giving them a clear market advantage and importantly, confidence and safety for the Australians that consume them. 

International Conference on Food Analysis (ICFA) 2023 

As part of the November focus on food safety, NATA is a proud sponsor and supporter of ICFA 2023. This year’s theme – ‘Global food sustainability in a changing climate’ will generate critical conversations about the development of novel food science and technology and how it supports global food supply and sustainability.  Over three days, attendees will hear from experts on the latest technical developments in food safety and management. 

Being held in Melbourne from November 20-23, there’s still time to register for this important event.