Bullivants/NATA case study 

Member News March 24, 2022
Bullivants/NATA case study 
NATA team

Bullivants had thirty-six assessments every 18 months with NATA plus their own national technical audit program every 12 months. The assessments with NATA have been reduced to twenty-two based on centralised and professionally managed processes.  

How do they manage it? 


Bullivants sites hold ISO/IEC 17025 for testing in the Infrastructure / Asset Integrity area and ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection.  

Due to the volume of audits being carried out in this cycle, we saw an opportunity for process improvement for our business with improved productivity for our teams supported by our robust training and internal accreditation systems.

Andrew Taylor, Technical Services and Training Manager, Bullivants. 


Although the pre-work for assessments has common elements for each site, Bullivants looked at how they could improve the process to eliminate duplication. NATA recognised that the national system Bullivants has in place for its Quality Management System, procedures, and training are well established. 

Bullivants has demonstrated quality and risk management processes, and these are recognised and acknowledged by their customers. 

“During the Adelaide Branch Review, one of our main customers – Coates Hire allowed NATA to visit their site to review their annual visual inspection process. Coates Hire was very complimentary on the work conducted by our Field Services Technician and Bullivants in general.”   

Chris Singleton – Quality and Compliance Manager, Bullivants

Solution:  Pivot – Adapt – Innovation 

Bullivants consolidated processes for its inspection activities allowed NATA to review its assessment approach to focus these at sites where key activities are conducted. These sites control ‘remotely’ located inspectors. The NATA assessment approach reviews a sample of these inspectors at these key sites per accreditation cycle. 


This approach has resulted in Bullivants having twenty-two external assessments versus thirty-six previously. 

Bullivants continue to update their technical documents when changes need to be applied due to best practice improvements or changes to Australian or International standards to ensure they maintain their compliance with procedures and processes. These technical documents are the tools required for their technical team members to conduct their work.  

Bullivants has maintained an internal training program for Branch Supervisors, Production Technicians and Field Services Technicians annually since 2008 that provides them with the key, quality information required in every site’s technical assessment process.  

Results and benefits 

The revised approach, based on Bullivants’ operational structure and processes, has demonstrated improved efficiency for both Bullivants and NATA without compromising assessment rigour and demonstration of compliance with the accreditation criteria. 

The key benefits for Bullivants implementing this approach are to control, reduce and improve time management which in turn allows their business to be less affected by downtime and focus on business opportunities. 

“NATA helps manage risk with our people, giving them credibility, knowing they can use the skills and experience to provide safe products and services to end users which are compliant with standards.”  

Andrew Taylor, Technical Services and Training Manager, Bullivants 

“Aware of time, effort and recruiting of branch supervisors and other leaders in the business, to assist in seamless audits and assessments. Strengthening boots on ground to support and further secure our compliance”

Chris Singleton, – Quality and Compliance Manager, Bullivants