Come hear about Accreditation in Action 

Industry News June 6, 2024
NATA team

Accreditation is a real asset to a business. But don’t just take our word for it. At Accreditation Matters we’ll be hearing from organisations that have leveraged accreditation to enhance their reputation, export potential and ultimately bottom line. 

Listen to examples from the world of sport, sleep, road safety, biotechnology, air filtration and laboratory software, as these organisations all rely on NATA accreditation to compete on the global stage. 

Accreditation in sport testing 

The Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory (ASDTL) and Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) explain the national and international cooperation that’s required in their fields, along with the quality systems required and how accreditation provides confidence in the testing of elite athletes and animals within sport. 

Case Studies from ASDTL and RASL on 25/06 at 11.15am. 

Accreditation saves lives 

Thankfully we can all be confident in a good night’s sleep according to Sealy Posturepedic. Its research-based innovation and development relies on accredited testing to ensure Australians are able to sleep better.  

And whether it’s Supercars battling it out on Mount Panorama or families hitting the freeways on a weekend escape, the humble white markings on our roads guide our journeys and keep us safe. Those familiar longitudinal markings all have to undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand constant exposure to traffic and changing weather conditions, and still function properly. Hear how this is all possible thanks to the Australian Paint Accreditation Scheme (APAS). 

Sealy and the Australian Paint Accreditation Scheme on 26/06 at 2pm. 

Accreditation in trade 

Accreditation is more important today in exporting than ever before to assure independent third-party validation of performance claims. It also enhances credibility and facilitates trade across borders without the need for testing to be duplicated. Hear how NATA’s signatory status to ILAC’s Mutual Recognition Agreement, improves the speed of trade.  

Also, learn how accredited laboratories can leverage AI to enhance their operations and ensure compliance with rigorous standards. 

Case studies from AES Environment and LabWare on 25/06 at 1.15pm. 

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