Fee update

Industry News April 17, 2023
NATA team

NATA has announced an update to its FY24 fees for existing Members and following a review will introduce a new fee structure from FY25. New Members who apply and obtain accreditation post July 1, 2023 will move to the new fee structure immediately. 

After four consecutive years of no fee increases, including throughout the COVID pandemic, NATA is increasing Member fees by 7%, including annual Administration and Membership fees, as well as any additional fees for service expenses, such as staff time. 

The increase is below the current annualised CPI rate (7.8% at December 2022) and is a result of direct impacts from the COVID pandemic such as significantly increased business costs, including travel for onsite assessments and general operational costs. 

NATA has also undertaken a comprehensive review of its fees, and will introduce a new fee schedule for existing Members commencing from 1 July 2024 (FY25) with new Members who apply for and obtain accreditation post 1 July 2023 automatically transitioning to this new fee schedule. 

A not-for-profit Member organisation, NATA’s current fee model has remained unchanged for many years. The new fee model will standardise and provide a scalable model of fees charged to Members, reduce complexity and discretionary variations, and provide more transparency for Members. 

The new model also reflects the changes to accreditation processes that potentially impact the annual fees payable by individual facilities and takes account of how NATA views a Member organisation’s facilities, sites, departments and co-located sites. This is important as NATA accredits a wide variety of facilities against a number of different standards (e.g.: ISO/IEC 17025, ISO15189 (including NPAAC), ISO/IEC 17020, ISO 17034, ISO/IEC 17043, ISO 20387 and GLP) applying a range of different accreditation programs.