Global initiative launched on ethical challenges of AI 

Industry News May 16, 2024
Global initiative launched on ethical challenges of AI 
NATA team

With AI firmly in the global spotlight, an international initiative is now underway that will provide ways for professionals and organisations worldwide to respond to the ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Without ethical guidelines and regulations in place, the misuse or mishandling of data can result in harm to individuals or groups. As AI becomes more advanced and widespread, there have been growing concerns about issues such as bias, transparency, accountability and safety. 

The Walbrook AI QI Accord has launched the initiative to develop ethical AI Standards and serves as an invitation for organisations to collaborate on a voluntary basis. 

At the TIC Summit 2024 held this week in Brussels, representatives of more than 25 nations’ quality infrastructure organisations, signed the Walbrook AI QI Accord

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