Hello, my name is NATALEE

Media Releases March 21, 2022
Hello, my name is NATALEE
NATA team

NATA launches new video campaign highlighting how accreditation impacts our daily lives

14th March, Sydney – The National Association of Testing Authorities(NATA), Australia’s leading accreditation body, today launches a new video campaign that celebrates its 75thanniversary by bringing to life the work of NATA and how it impacts consumers’ everyday lives.

NATA’s accreditation services serve the best interests of Australians providing testing, calibration and technical standards’ competency that touch our daily lives. This ranges from the food we eat and drink, the products we use to build our homes and our roads to mining, construction, health pathology services, international trade and much more.

Described as one of “Australia’s best kept secrets,” NATA is the world’s oldest accreditation body and a not-for-profit organisation which for more than 75 years has been working behind the scenes “testing the testers” and helping deliver confidence and assurance for domestic and international products and services.

The NATALEE series will run across digital and social channels from 14th March and plays on the organisation’s name. The creative concept uses gentle humors and centers around a young teenage girl called Natalie who develops a mild, but healthy, obsession with the work NATA does, so much so she decides to change her name to “NATALEE”.

Natalie’s passion for NATA was first stoked when her mother went through a health scare and had blood samples taken at a NATA-accredited lab. It was here Natalie learnt the important work NATA does for people like her mum, and she feels inspired to tell everyone, especially her family members,how NATA’s work keeps their lives safe.

The result is a 6-part video campaign featuring NATALEE and her family and highlights some of the many areas NATA is involved in.Future episodes focus on NATA’s role in food, testing of products such as fuel, building construction, as well as water safety and sleep disorders.

NATA is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. For 75 years NATA has been a ‘safety-net’ protecting generations of Australian families and through this series we hope to educate consumers on the benefits of accreditation and the meaningful work we have and continue to do.

NATA Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Evans

NATA Head of Marketing & Communications, Brendon Moo, said:

The NATALEE concept was born out of highlighting how accreditation of testing procedures exist for everything that impacts our daily lives, from the food we eat and drink, to the fuel we put in our cars, our health tests, the homes we build and the cars we drive. “The NATALEE campaign follows the release of a special documentary that has been produced to highlight NATA’s role in Australian society over the past 75-years, a milestone anniversary the organisation celebrates in 2022.

NATA Head of Marketing & Communications, Brendon Moo.