ILAC-IAF Mid-Term Meetings

Industry News May 15, 2023
NATA team

The mid-term meetings of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) were held the first week of May in Belfast, Northern Ireland.   

These were the first face-to-face meetings since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Jennifer Evans (CEO), John Styzinski (GM, Operations and Technical), Danielle Dicker (Technical Manager), Andy Griffin (Sector Manger, Legal and Clinical) and Amir Murad (Sector Manager, Inspection) of NATA attended the meetings.  

The opportunity to engage in person again with personnel from other accreditation bodies was refreshing and important to rekindle relationships not necessarily possible during the virtual meetings held over the last three years.   

The meetings in Belfast allowed NATA to contribute to ILAC policies and other matters relevant to accreditation and mutual recognition.

NATA’s participation in ILAC is supported by the Australian Government and is paramount in ensuring that ILAC policies and processes take into account the needs of NATA accredited facilities and to promote the recognition and acceptance of their products and services in overseas markets which actively promotes international trade.