Unlocking professional growth with the JASANZ Futures Program 

Industry News December 7, 2023
Unlocking professional growth with the JASANZ Futures Program 
NATA team

In the ever-evolving landscape of conformity assessment, accreditation, and certification, emerging professionals find themselves seeking avenues to enhance their expertise and make a meaningful impact in their industries. The JASANZ Futures Program stands out, offering a unique and transformative journey for those looking to upskill and shape the future of management system conformity, a program proudly supported by NATA. 

What is the JASANZ Futures Program? 

Valued at over $10,000 AUD, the JASANZ Futures Program is offered completely free of cost to participants. This comprehensive program, running annually from April to July, is curated to provide emerging management system experts with a unique journey of professional development. Participants will embark on a knowledge-rich exploration through a series of webinars, knowledge cafes, and a 2-day conference in Sydney. 

Program Highlights: 

  1. Professional Development Journey: The program spans four months, providing participants with a holistic understanding of conformity assessment, accreditation, and certification. 
  1. Networking Opportunities: The 2-day conference in Sydney offers a platform to connect with industry experts and technical infrastructure partners, fostering valuable connections that extend beyond the program. 
  1. Real-World Challenges: Participants will have the chance to tackle a real-world industry challenge through a comprehensive major project, applying the knowledge gained during the program. 
  1. Diverse Backgrounds Welcome: The program is open to emerging experts from diverse backgrounds, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages participants to make a difference in their respective industries. 
  1. Cost-Free Learning: JASANZ covers the full costs of the program, making it accessible to passionate individuals committed to improving the quality, safety, and environmental standards in their industries. 

How to apply: 

NATA encourages individuals seeking professional development opportunities to explore the JASANZ Futures Program. 

Interested individuals can find more information by visiting (Register your interest here

Elevate your career, connect with industry leaders, and make a lasting impact on conformity assessment and accreditation in your industry.