We welcome our Lanyard Sponsor – AirLabOne

Industry News May 15, 2024
We welcome our Lanyard Sponsor – AirLabOne
NATA team

AIRLABONE® is a pioneering technology company leading the way in Digital Twin and AI innovation. Specialising in robust AI computing platforms and lab-on-a-chip technology, AIRLABONE® is driving advancements in laboratory practices.  

By empowering accredited laboratories, AIRLABONE® enhances operational efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, and maximises lab uptime. 

Offering a wide range of products, including digital twin medical and laboratory devices, predictive-prescriptive asset monitors and regulatory compliance solutions, AIRLABONE® provides comprehensive solutions for laboratory needs. 

Committed to pushing the boundaries of computing capabilities, AIRLABONE® is dedicated to shaping the future of laboratory technology and empowering industries that rely on lab operations. 

For more information about the organisation please visit – AirLabOne.com