MSA2023 conference

Industry News December 13, 2022
MSA2023 conference
NATA team

NATA will have a delegation of 5 attending the Metrology Society of Australasia’s first international event since March 2020.

Metrology is the science of measurement and the MSA is an association of professional metrologists, engineers, scientists, technicians and other measurement experts who measure, evaluate, calibrate, research, educate, design, sell, invent and develop measurement technologies.

Our entire economy pivots on sound measurement and by attending the MSA Measurement Conference our NATA superheroes (assessors) get the opportunity to keep up with all the latest in measurement developments and acquaint themselves with the latest calibration equipment.

The MSA2023 conference will enable our team to gather face to face, for the first time in 3 years to learn and network with metrologists from National Measurement Institutes, academia and industry.

The hot topic for all in attendance is digital data

We are told that by the 2030s Metrology will have three key priorities

  1. It will support a digitally enabled global measurement infrastructure
  2. Metrology will improve understanding of complex systems
  3. Metrology will give confidence in decision making

What does this mean in practice?

  • Traceability chains will be shortened, therefore reducing uncertainty
  • Traceability to the SI will be embedded directly into measuring instruments
  • In-situ calibration of sensors and local standards will be commonplace

Digital and machine-readable calibration certificates held on global distributed ledgers will enable in-situ calibration of sensors and local standards, improving the provenance of measurements and simplifying traceability chains.

Confidence in decision making 

  • Metrology will support decisions made by machine learning algorithms and explainable artificial intelligence
  • Agile and responsive regulation will enable automated decisions to be made, even in safety critical situations
  • Measurement scientists and those organisations like NATA accrediting them, will have a responsibility to ensure that data is being used with integrity and impartiality

In order to help prepare the NATA assessors for the future, the NATA delegates will learn from Oceania’s digitalisation guru Dr Blair Hall (the chair of the Asia Pacific Focus Group) on Digitalisation in Metrology and what digitalisation means for the Australian measurement landscape.

The NATA team look forward to meeting with you at the CPS MSA2023 conference held in Wellington, New Zealand from 20-23 February. MSA2023