NATA Industry User Guide – Personal Protective Equipment

Media Releases June 29, 2020
NATA team

The COVID-19 pandemic emergency has led to an extraordinary demand for a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) challenging global supply chains.

Australia has seen Australian governments cooperating to work with industry to ramp up supplies of essential PPE and in particular, items such as face masks, respirators and protective clothing.

Unfortunately, not all PPE is equal and there have been a range of media reports of non-compliant product finding its way onto the market.

To assist manufacturers, suppliers and procurement practitioners to secure PPE that is fit-for-purpose, NATA has published its latest Industry User Guide No 8 – Working with NATA Accredited Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing Laboratories.

NATA’s series of Industry User Guides is designed to educate end-users in the most efficient and effective use of accredited testing, measurement and inspection infrastructure and are freely available via the “Working with Industry” tab on the NATA website.