NATA presents at BLBI conference 

Industry News June 3, 2022
NATA presents at BLBI conference 
NATA team

NATA presents at Building Leaders Brief Industry (BLBI) conference 

Diane Hobday, NATA Materials, Assets & Products Sector Manager, presented at this year’s conference. 

The Building Products Industry Council BLBI 2022 event was focused on advising the building product sector about issues to do with regulatory change, economic outlook, government policy, changes to product compliance frameworks, and potential new marketing/promotional/innovation opportunities for suppliers over the next 12 months and beyond. 

This industry briefing helped participants understand the drivers behind the changes, identifying the potential roadblocks and issues, as well as giving the insights necessary to develop new strategies that seize the opportunities this disruption is presenting. 

In her presentation, Diane discussed key aspects of protecting the integrity of test certificates in the supply chain.  As part of this, noting key technologies including: 

•Protecting individual pdf certificates with an authentication token 

•Using a hard token from GlobalSign 

•Providing a mechanism for users of reports to authenticate directly 

•Using identifiers from GS1 (as a barcode) 

This led to a discussion on the collaborative report that NATA, GS1 and JAS-ANZ recently completed which, based on ISO/IEC International Standards, was A Concept for National Digital Conformity Infrastructure.  

You can review the report and learn more about digital conformity infrastructure here: 

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