NATA. Supporting Asbestos Awareness Week 

Industry News November 9, 2023
NATA. Supporting Asbestos Awareness Week 
NATA team

NATA proudly supports Asbestos Awareness Week each November, emphasising our dedication to raising awareness, and ensuring safety in asbestos-related activities. 

This year it is being held from November 20-26 and it marks 20 years since asbestos was completely banned in Australia.   

Accreditation serves as the core of safety and quality assurance in the asbestos industry, ensuring that organisations and professionals adhere to rigorous standards. This commitment safeguards public health and delivers reliable, trustworthy services. As we progress through Asbestos Awareness Month, it is vital to recognise the significant role of accreditation, particularly through NATA, in this industry. 

Watch our expert panel discussion on the critical importance of asbestos management and ultimately eradication.  

Accreditation in asbestos management 

NATA leads the way in ensuring safety and quality in asbestos-related activities. Our accreditation is essential, upholding the highest standards for laboratories, inspectors, and consultants engaged in asbestos testing and analysis. These standards provide a comprehensive framework for the industry, reinforcing its dedication to safety and reliability. 

Accreditation also fosters trust in results. Asbestos-containing materials, when mishandled, pose serious health risks. NATA’s accreditation ensures not only the accuracy of results but also their consistent and comprehensible reporting. This transparency is essential in safeguarding workers and the public from exposure to hazardous asbestos fibres. 

New Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 

In addition to our commitment to safety and quality, NATA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency (VAEA). This partnership enhances our ability to promote asbestos safety and contributes to the ongoing well-being of all involved. 

As we celebrate Asbestos Awareness Month, let’s acknowledge the crucial work within the industry and the accreditation standards that ensure our safety. NATA’s pivotal role in promoting safety and quality assurance encompasses stringent testing and reporting protocols, continuous collaboration with industry stakeholders, refinement of accreditation criteria, and ongoing training. This commitment guarantees the highest industry standards, translating into safer environments for all involved.