NATA welcomes new members – April 2023

Member News May 15, 2023
NATA team
Facility NoFacility NameFacility Initial Operative DateStandardActivity
21181Facade Testing Victoria Pty Ltd4/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Manufactured Goods
21160Alex Fraser Asphalt Pty Ltd6/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21141BROADSPEC ENVIRONMENTAL PTY LTD13/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Environment
21118Mastec Australia14/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Manufactured Goods
21237The Wollongong Hosptial17/04/2023DIASDiagnostic Imaging
21128Alliance Pharma Pty Ltd18/04/2023OECD GLPHealthcare, Pharmaceutical and Media Products
21182PSA Services Pty Ltd19/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Manufactured Goods
21186Occupational Hygiene Consulting Pty Ltd20/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Environment
21185Geotechnical Services (Gympie) Pty Ltd21/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21167Work Science Pty Ltd24/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Environment
21195Lab6 Concrete Testing Services24/04/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity