NATA Young Scientist Award 2020 Winners

Media Releases November 29, 2020
NATA Young Scientist Award 2020 Winners
NATA team

Yarrawarrah School NSW

“As the teacher librarian at Yarrawarrah School, I promoted the NATA Young Scientist of the Year competition to our students as part of our Gifted and Talented program. We thoroughly enjoy participating in the Competition each year, and our students really look forward to preparing their projects. The winnings were most recently spent in the library, seeing that is where the most time is spent reading, and learning more about Science. Thanks to the generousity of NATA, all students enjoy being in the space and getting lost in books that inspire them.”
Ms Fay Prideaux – STEM Teacher/Librarian – Yarrawarrah School NSW

Mudgeeraba Creek State School QLD

“With the prizemoney we were able to get two new amazing Aquariums for the STEM lab. Josh is so proud as I let all the classes know that we were able to get them as a result of his hard work. The second big purchase for us was the garden trolley that allows the students to move lots of things to different areas of our school garden and is great for collecting the ‘Food scraps” bins to empty into the worm farms.

We still have plans for more leftover, but we are saving this for “special” purchases. It has been a game changer for us. Thanks NATA for providing such amazing prizes.”
Mrs Megan Hayes – STEM Teacher & Science Coordinator –  Mudgeeraba Creek State School QLD

Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School NSW

“Since the launch of the NSW Science curriculum, our school has dived into all things science, and our students love nothing more than participating in science investigations to address real world problems. Having so many students enter this competition is a sign of the passion our students and teachers have for this important subject area. Australia is going to be very well placed to find solutions to many of the challenges currently facing the world, with students like these thinking creatively and divergently to solve many of the big issues that concern all of us.”
Mr Chris Egan – Principal – Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School NSW

“Thank you again for all your help and support throughout the competition. We are so proud of our students and we look forward to future competitions. We are planning to use the prize money to purchase sets of robotics equipment that will enable us to start up a robotics and STEM program across the entire school. Our plan is still in the making but I will be sure to update you when things are up and running.”

Ana Cindric – STEM Teacher – Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School NSW