NATA Young Scientist of the year award (NYSYA) 2020

Media Releases July 21, 2020
NATA Young Scientist of the year award (NYSYA) 2020
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Registration – Closed
Competition – closes Friday 25 September 2020

Competition Eligibility and Guidelines

Entry to the NATA Young Scientists of the Year competition is open to individuals and class groups in public, private and independent primary schools across Australia.  Entry is free.
Age categories:  Primary school children – 7 & 8 years; 9 & 10 years and 11 & 12 years.
All submitted materials must be wholly designed and produced by the entrant(s).
There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted from one school.

When we have received your registration, we will confirm and send an entry form to accompany the project.
The Young Scientist of the Year competition has been running since 2007 and has provide awards and prizes to over 400 of Australia’s primary school children across all States and school sectors.
The competition is designed to foster an interest in science among primary school children and encourage them to think about how science impacts our everyday lives.
The key learning objectives of the competition are:

to promote to children the benefits and value of science
to encourage students to apply their creativity to scientific solutions
to demonstrate the importance of good presentation skills in science

Submission Requirements
All submissions must have a sponsor – either a class teacher or representative of the school.  Individual entries without a sponsor cannot be accepted.
Students are requested to submit entries that include a title, a written summary, and a visual element.  Each submission must include:

A one-page summary (A4 size) providing an overview of their topic of investigation and why it was chosen
A visual element that could include

Pictures and words in a scrapbook
A video presentation / podcast (maximum of 5 minutes)
Computer graphics or other digital media
A poster

Entries will be judged by a panel of scientists who are employees of NATA from a range of disciplines.
The judges’ decision will be final.

Prizes and Awards
NATA awards prizes to the top 10 places in each age group

The winning School will receive $2500 in a cash donation from NATA
The winning individual student or class group receives $500
2nd place receives $250
3rd place receives $200
4th – 10th place – receives a $50 book voucher

Judges will also allocate Encouragement Awards in each age group.

Award Presentation
Certificates will be presented to the winning schools at an appropriate school event. NATA will liaise directly with the winning schools to determine when this will take place.

Submission Details

All entries must be submitted to NATA by COB 25th September
Each entry needs to be accompanied by a completed entry form which will be sent once your register.
Entries can be submitted via or by post to
Attn: Young Scientist of the Year Competition 2020
PO Box 7507, Silverwater NSW 2128

Please ensure you post in time for us to receive it by the competition deadline of 25th September 2020.  Unfortunately, NATA cannot take any responsibility for postal costs or damage to entries.

Entries received after the close date are unable to be considered
Every student entry will receive a Certificate of participation at the conclusion of the competition. 

Announcement of the winners
Winners will be announced within 4 weeks after the close date.
Winners will be informed by telephone and email to nominated sponsor contact on the Entry Form. Names of the winners will also be posted on the NATA website.
Winning schools (with permission of their Department’s media unit) are welcome to promote their winners and participation by the School in local media. Please let NATA know if this is your intention and we will support you where appropriate.
NATA will keep all details of individual entrants confidential. No names, addresses or other information connected to the school or its pupils will be disclosed to media or used in media channels without prior consent of the school.
For any enquiries about the NATA Young Scientists of the Year Award, please contact Susan Alleyn on (02) 9736 8306 or email Susan Alleyn.