NATA’s pivotal role for product assurance in the digital supply chains of the future

Industry News May 15, 2023
NATA team

In February 2022, NATA and collaboration partners JASANZ and GS1 announced a blueprint for how product assurance might be handled in the digital supply chains of the future.  A little over a year later, a web-accessible proof of concept is now available to demonstrate the feasibility of the original ideas.   

NATA is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing to fruition this world-first concept for digitally identifying, capturing, and sharing product compliance and credentials as they move throughout the supply chain. An explanatory video can be viewed below.

Funding from the Department of Industry, Science and Resources enabled an intensive investigation into ways for addressing supply chain failures arising from false or misleading attributions of product conformity.  The use of digital authentication and tracking carries the potential to simplify the way product testing and certification is managed, enhancing product assurance and supporting Australia’s international competitiveness.  These ideas have already attracted global interest, with the United Nations CEFACT group currently finalising a White Paper which articulates a set of principles closely related to the work led by NATA here in Australia. 

“It is a real thrill to bring these ideas to public attention in a way that it is quite tangible,” said Brett Hyland.

Brett led the work by NATA for this project, adding, “Heartfelt thanks go to collaboration partners JASANZ and GS1, and to the federal government for supporting this important work.” 

There is already interest in industry pilot development, so stay tuned for further updates.  

For more information contact NATA’s Brett Hyland.