New Members April 2022

Member News May 9, 2022
NATA team

NameAccreditation dateStandardActivity
THE CARDIAC CENTRE NSW4/4/2022DIASDiagnostic Imaging
Independent Testing and Inspection Services (VIC) Pty Ltd7/4/2022ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
Identilab Pty Ltd12/4/2022ISO/IEC 17025Legal
Viridis Australasia Pty Ltd13/04/2022ISO/IEC 17025Environment
Adventist Health Care Limited14/04/2022SleepSleep Disorders Services
OUTREACH HEARTS PTY LTD18/04/2022DIASDiagnostic Imaging
Independent Mineral Standards Pty Ltd20/04/2022ISO 17034Materials
Queensland Sleep26/04/2022SleepSleep Disorders Services
SMYBB PTY LTD27/04/2022ISO/IEC 17025Food and Beverage