Norbar’s accreditation journey

Industry News March 10, 2023
Norbar’s accreditation journey
NATA team

Q:  How did you come to be accredited with NATA and in what area(s)? 

A:  As our UK operation is UKAS accredited it made sense for the Australian Laboratory to become accredited through NATA to assure our customers of the level of service they would receive. 

We are accredited for torque to test wrenches/transducers & multipliers and for in-house testing of Norbar display units. 

Q: Have you kept the same accreditation or extended into other areas? 

A: We have kept the same accreditation since we started with NATA. We have just kept up to date with the ISO 6789 and BS 7882 standards as they have been updated a number of times.

Q:  Has NATA accreditation contributed to you, your clients and industry success? 

A: With NATA accreditation, it shows we are keeping up to date with the relevant national and international standards we believe is very important to our customers.  

It also shows we are in line with the other Norbar Laboratories around the world providing a quality service/product. It has been very important in this industry as many customers check to see if we are accredited, and without accreditation, they would go elsewhere with their business. 

Q: What advice would you offer to someone seeking accreditation? 

A:  If it’s important to your business, then do it. When working to the relevant standards whether national or international, it puts your business well before others having the NATA accreditation.

The team at NATA are great to deal with and always find time to help you out when you need it. 

We thank Norbar for taking the time to talk to us.