Confused about Human Pathology accreditation

Industry News September 11, 2023
Confused about Human Pathology accreditation
NATA team

Human pathology has one of the most rigorous frameworks for quality and patient safety in the world. 

To encourage transparency and minimise misconceptions surrounding the accreditation framework in Human Pathology, we have developed a comprehensive brochure to shed light on the roles of key organisations in this space, including the role played by NATA in collaboration with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). 

The brochure reviews the importance of accreditation within Human Pathology, how Medicare benefits legislation relates to pathology accreditation and how approvals work in practice. 

Overall, our goal is to provide clarity in a complex space. We hope this document helps clarify any questions you have, however, NATA is always available to provide clarity on all elements related to pathology accreditation. 

NATA Explains:

Australia’s Legislation and Quality Infrastructure for HUMAN PATHOLOGY

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