SAMI Bitumen Technologies is celebrating  30-years of continuous accreditation and more importantly, keeping us safe on the road. 

Member News May 15, 2024
NATA team

We spoke to them on the eve of this significant milestone. 

Can you tell us a little about what you do? 

“We specialise in making different types of bitumen products for road construction. Our product range includes various kinds of bitumen like straight run bitumen, polymer-modified bitumen, and bitumen emulsion. Overall, they have products for various road construction needs. 

One thing we take pride in is our dedication to research and innovation. We always try to provide expert guidance on how to use our products during road construction.” 

In terms of your NATA accreditation, have you kept the same accreditation or extended into other areas? 

“In 1994, SAMI took an important step towards excellence by getting accredited for construction material testing. This was just the beginning of our journey to become known for our reliable and high-quality testing services. 

Over the years, we have continuously improved and expanded our accreditation portfolio. Starting with less than 15 accredited tests, we now offer around 100 tests in specialized areas like polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) testing, asphalt testing, and micro-surfacing testing. This allows us to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

To ensure quality control, we have established three additional laboratories connected to our production facilities in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. 

We always seek to provide accurate and reliable testing results that help our clients make informed decisions. Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of the construction materials testing sector while serving our clients to the best of our abilities. 

We are also accredited in testing areas like aggregates, asphalt, and bituminous materials. This means that we are committed to maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of our work.” 

Has NATA accreditation contributed to your, your clients and industry success? 

NATA accreditation is necessary for SAMI’s success and the trust of our clients and the industry. It validates our technical expertise, boosting our reputation and giving confidence in our capabilities. 

When clients choose to work with a NATA-accredited organization like SAMI, they know they can expect top-notch quality and reliable testing services. This builds trust and satisfaction in our partnership. The credibility that comes with NATA accreditation also helps us attract new clients and seize business opportunities, making us a preferred choice in the industry. 

The process of obtaining and maintaining NATA accreditation pushes us to continuously improve.  

NATA accreditation is a catalyst for our growth. It allows us to provide exceptional service, build strong partnerships, and contribute to the advancement of our industry. 

 What advice would you offer to someone seeking accreditation? 

If you are aiming for NATA accreditation, it is important to start by understanding the specific requirements for your field. Do thorough research to make sure you know what is expected. 

Next, establish strong quality management systems that meet those standards. Train your staff well and keep detailed records of all processes and procedures. 

Before going through the accreditation process, do internal audits and reviews to find areas for improvement. Address any issues or gaps in your operations. 

Seek guidance from experts who have gone through the NATA accreditation process. They can offer valuable insights and help you navigate the requirements. 

Lastly, remember that achieving accreditation is just the beginning. Commit to continuous improvement. Monitor and evaluate your processes regularly, making necessary adjustments. This will help you maintain accreditation standards over time and ensure long-term success.