Scope of Accreditation extension requests

Media Releases July 29, 2020
NATA team

All requests to extend the scope of accreditation of a facility must be received in writing from the Authorised Representative. To facilitate the proposed extension the following supporting information should be provided with the request in order to demonstrate the facility’s state of readiness:

  1. Proposed scope of accreditation
    For calibration facilities, this includes range and least uncertainties of measurement (and any limiting parameters).
  2. Relevant method(s) and/or procedure(s)
    It is uncommon for a published test/calibration standard (e.g. AS, ISO, CIE etc.) to include method set up as appropriate for any given laboratory. Accordingly, the methods may need to be supplemented with additional information and should be sufficiently detailed to enable appropriately trained staff to perform the activity in a uniform and repeatable manner.
    Supplementary information may include, for example, test environment (such as type of enclosure, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure); types of instruments to be used and how they are to be connected, required settings, etc. and how and where the results are to be captured, manipulated (i.e. calculations), reported and stored.
  3. Worksheet(s) for the proposed test or calibration.
  4. A test report or calibration certificate for the proposed test/calibration (this may be a mock report or certificate).
  5. Staff training records and competencies/authorisations.
  6. Completed validations and/or verifications (or summaries).
  7. Uncertainty calculations for the test or calibration (also uncertainty calculations to support the claimed least uncertainties of measurement for calibration facilities).
  8. Measurement audit or proficiency test enrolment or results and/or other Quality Assurance activities.
  9. Evidence of traceability (particularly for calibration facilities).
  10. Records supporting availability of necessary equipment.

Specific activities may require additional documentation be provided with your request, if unsure please contact your Client Coordinator.