Supporting developing countries accreditation bodies to better understand the changes to the ISO 15189 Standard

Industry News August 8, 2023
NATA team

With the publication of the revised ISO 15189:2022 Standard in December 2022, NATA has been engaged in educating its Members, Technical Assessors and key stakeholders on the differences between the old and revised Standard and helping better prepare them for assessment to ISO 15189:2022. 

Since August 01, 2023, NATA has been formally assessing Australian organisations to the revised ISO 15189:2022 Standard. 

This detailed information process has been extended beyond Australia’s shores with NATA working in conjunction with the Joint Development Support Committee (JDSC). The JDSC is responsible for representing the interests of developing countries and operates in conjunction with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). This committee provides a platform for developing countries to present their needs and to work with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the IAF on practical ways of addressing those needs. 

As part of our involvement, NATA recently conducted two free online webinars for accreditation body medical assessors from developing countries. Key elements of the sessions included a comparison between the old and revised ISO 15189 Standard.  

These sessions were structured on setting up a risk-based accreditation program identifying key differences, requirements, assessment elements and provided examples of indicative findings. 

More than 300 attended the sessions. 

You an access key information and resources on the revised ISO 15189 Standard here