Technical Assessor Forums

Media Releases July 29, 2020
NATA team


In January and February this year, NATA conducted Technical Assessor forums to which all Civil Construction Technical Assessors and relevant Authorised Representatives were invited. Key issues concerning visits to assess extensions to scopes of accreditation were addressed. The purpose was to look at how the visit, as well as pre- and post- work, can be completed efficiently and more economically.

In order to conduct a variation visit to consider extensions to scopes of accreditation, the following information must be provided to the client coordinator before a visit will be arranged:

  • a list of methods requested;
  • copies of methods (where they are not State Road Authority or AS methods);
  • completed worksheets/data entry and reports for the requested methods;
  • verification for each method requested;
  • suitable inter-laboratory comparison test, with analysis;
  • uncertainty of measurement estimates, or evidence that the methods meet Note 1 of clause 7.6.3 (accuracy method);
  • competency, and authorisations to sign test reports, for all staff involved for each method; and
  • revised quality assurance activity (QAA) plan incorporating the additional tests.

These items are required irrespective of whether the request is provided in the Assessment Information Document or by separate correspondence.

When all the information has been provided to NATA, a cost estimate can be made and a visit arranged.

A laboratory that can supply all of the requirements is ready to be assessed! By ensuring that requested documents and records are available to the assessment team well before the visit, the team has the best opportunity to be fully prepared.

Additional time spent preparing for the visit will pay off on the day with a (usually) shorter, smoother assessment. The aim is to assess a laboratory that knows what they are doing, and to end with very few conditions. This in turn will result in faster close out of the assessment.

An information pack including the slides and FAQs from the Forums has been sent to all Technical Assessors and Authorised Representatives invited.