Who is NMI and why do you need to know? 

Industry News May 15, 2024
Who is NMI and why do you need to know? 
NATA team

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is Australia’s peak measurement body, and a division of the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. We’re proud to be a platinum sponsor for Accreditation Matters 2024. 

NMI maintains Australia’s peak capabilities in measurement science and administers Australia’s regulatory framework for measurement. NMI’s unique and sovereign capabilities assist industry to adopt new technologies, enable access to global markets, underpin national infrastructure and respond to critical incidents.  

NMI advances Australia’s interests internationally in the global governance framework for measurement, as well as through development of standards, scientific and technical collaboration and diplomacy.  

NMI provides unique expertise across multiple aspects of measurement science, including: 

  • setting Australia’s peak standards of physical measurement (e.g. time, mass, length), and calibration of measuring instruments and reference standards at the highest level of accuracy 
  • development of Australia’s peak chemical and biological reference materials and methods, including the operation of specialist laboratories for illicit drug analysis, anti-doping testing, and ‘ultra trace’ testing of persistent organic pollutants 
  • chemical and microbiological analysis services for public and private sector clients  
  • adopting new instruments and techniques under Australia’s legal framework for measurement

Measurement science is constantly changing due to advances in science and technology, and NMI works continuously to develop the measurement capabilities Australia needs. Current research focus areas include: 

  • electrical standards to support energy transformation and emissions reduction initiatives 
  • testing capabilities to address emerging food, water and environmental issues, including for safety and trade 
  • genetic standards to support human health outcomes relating to diseases, biotechnology applications and production of mRNA vaccines. 

For more information about NMI and our services, visit www.measurement.gov.au, or come and speak with our representatives at Accreditation Matters 2024.