World Accreditation Day 2022 and NATA’s Why Accreditation Matters event 

Industry News June 3, 2022
World Accreditation Day 2022 and NATA’s Why Accreditation Matters event 
NATA team

June 09, 2022 marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2022), a global initiative established by IAF and ILAC to promote the value of accreditation.  

This year’s theme is Accreditation: Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment

This is a considerable shift to more sustainable forms of production that are less resource-intensive and more focused on climate mitigation and carbon removal alongside biodiversity protection policies are essential for long-term economic growth. Accreditation, alongside other quality infrastructure tools including metrology, standardization, conformity assessment and market surveillance, can support this shift.  

 By verifying compliance with standards, accreditation protects consumers and removes technical and economic barriers to trade, providing opportunities for products and services to go global. 

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Why Accreditation Matters 

Inspired by World Accreditation Day and the importance of accreditation in our daily lives, NATA hosted Why Accreditation Matters on June 8 – a premier event highlighting how accreditation is a driving force in providing confidence and assurance in all avenues of our lives.  

The sessions included how testing is eliminating cervical cancer, accreditation providing safer banking and how standards and accreditation are supporting emerging technologies. 

If you missed this important event, you can view it here: Why Accreditation Matters (