NATA Trainer Spotlight

Industry News April 11, 2022
NATA Trainer Spotlight
NATA team

Danielle Douglas 

Training focus: ISO 15189 

Danielle joined NATA in 2017.  

Passionate about the laboratory environment, Danielle has 5-years of hands-on experience in a pathology lab and more than 20 years’ experience in complementary, but diverse fields. 

She actively enjoys sharing her laboratory experience and relevant technology knowledge and has a detailed understanding of the management process and requirements in this environment. 

ISO 15189 

Danielle’s training of the Standard covers the key elements including ISO 15189 as a quality management system. 

Incorporating risk mitigation education and the tenets for quality patient care and safety and meeting the standard’s requirements – she trains to ensure competence of staff in the pathology laboratory. 

Her training of the Standard covers all the requirements of ISO 15189 with a clear focus on participants understanding all areas under the Standard.  

Industries covered in the course include: 

  • Pathology laboratories 
  • Regulators 
  • Accreditation bodies 
  • Manufacturers and service providers that provide the medical industry. 

Course benefits 

Danielle’s approach ensures education focuses not only on lab activities that need to be undertaken to meet all the requirements of the Standard, but the functional importance of these as they provide confidence to member clients that there is an international Standard system in place.  

Training candidates 

Ideal training candidates for ISO 15189 include: 

  • Frontline staff responsible for implementing and working within the quality system of their facility 
  • Those that require a solid understanding of the requirements of ISO 15189. 
  • Quality Managers 
  • Laboratory technicians 
  • Pathologists 
  • Administrative staff 
  • Collectors/samplers 
  • Laboratory Managers 
  • Service providers in the industry 
  • Sample receivers 
  • Students 
  • Researchers 

For more information visit NATA’s ISO 15189 training course page.