Nominations open for NATA Board positions

Industry News July 11, 2022
Nominations open for NATA Board positions
NATA team

Calls for nominations are now open for Member representatives to join the NATA Board of directors. 

In accordance with NATA’s constitution, the Board is seeking to fill three vacancies with the terms of directors Ms Tracey Farrar, Dr John Leeder and Mr David Turner expiring this year. 

NATA is a membership organisation operated as a company limited by guarantee.  NATA’s members are its accredited organisations whose rights and obligations are documented in the NATA Rules.  NATA is governed by a seven-member Board and new appointments to this Board are drawn from nominations from NATA’s members and candidates selected by the Board. 

The Constitution requires that the Board be constituted of four positions which were made available to nomination by member organisations and three positions for which candidates were selected by the Board and presented to members for endorsement. 

In accordance with the Constitution, the Board has deemed two of the available positions be filled in accordance with clause 23.2 of NATA’s Constitution (made available to nomination from member organisations) and the other filled in accordance with clause 23.3 (candidate selected by the Board and presented to members for endorsement). 

The three-year terms of the newly elected or re-elected Board members commence at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting which takes place in October. 

The Board normally meets on a quarterly basis and also convenes other meetings when necessary.  The next scheduled meetings of the NATA Board after the 2022 Annual General Meeting are December 6, 2022, and March 8, 2023.   

If you wish to nominate a candidate, please complete the attached Nomination Form here and return with the Candidate Statement by August 1, 2022.