ACIRL Quality Testing Services Pty Ltd - trading as ACTest


ACIRL Daunia

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Date of Accreditation

22 Oct 2019


BMA Daunia Mine, Daunia Mine Access Road
Coppabella, QLD 4741


Mr Mitchel Ross P: +61 0439465039


Services available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

ACIRL Daunia

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of coal and coke for coking behaviour Coal Plasticity Gieseler plastometer AS 1038.12.4.1 (1996), ISO 10329
General analysis of coal, coke and related products Coal Moisture Gravimetric AS 1038.3 (2000), ISO 11722
Ash Gravimetric in-house method CBM L003c
Volatile matter Gravimetric AS 1038.3 (2000), ISO 562
Sulfur - Total Infrared (IR) AS 1038.6.3.3, ISO 19579
Moisture - Total Gravimetric AS 1038.1 (2001), ISO 589
Ash Gravimetric AS 1038.3 (2000), ISO 1171
Proximate analysis Gravimetric AS 1038.3 (2000), ISO 17246 (2010)
Preparation of coal, coke and related product samples for analysis Coal Size analysis Sieve analysis AS 3881 (2002), ISO 1953
Sample collection Coals, coke, charcoal and related products Not applicable Sampling from a moving conveyor; Sampling from a stationary conveyor; Sampling from a stockpile AS 4264.1 (2009), BS ISO 13909.1, BS ISO 13909.2, BS ISO 13909.3, BS ISO 13909.4, ISO 13909.1, ISO 13909.2, ISO 13909.3, ISO 13909.4

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