AWTA Product Testing


AWTA Product Testing

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Date of Accreditation

23 Mar 1972


1st Floor, 191 Racecourse Road
Flemington, VIC 3031


Mr Sean Bassett P: +61 (03) 93712421


Services available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

AWTA Product Testing

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of mechanical performance of pedestrian and impact attenuation surfaces Pedestrian surfaces Slip resistance Wet pendulum

AS 4586, Appendix A

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite products Geonets and geocomposites Tear resistance Not applicable

AS 4200.1

Tensile properties Not applicable

AS 4200.1, 

AS 1301.448s

0.05 N to 100 kN

Material performance evaluation of leather, textiles and related products Coated fabrics Flex endurance Not applicable AS 1441.14 1973
Colour fastness to daylight Xenon-arc

AS 4878.8, 

ISO 105-B02

Tear resistance Not applicable

ISO 4674 - 1977 Methods A1 and A2

Thickness Not applicable

AS 4878.4

Flex cracking - Schildknecht Not applicable

AS 4878.9

Accelerated ageing Loss of volatiles on heating of plasticised-PVC-coated fabrics

ISO 1419

Elongation Not applicable

AS 4878.6

Mass Not applicable

AS 4878.3

Heat resistance Not applicable

AS 4878.11, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A26, 

AS/NZS 1906.4 Appendix C

Coating adhesion; Delamination Not applicable

AS 1441.5, 

AS 1441.15

Plasticiser evaporation Cold cracking

AS 1441.8

Abrasion resistance Martindale; Oscillating cylinder

AS 2001.2.30, 

AS/NZS 1906.4 appendix B

including retroreflective material
Accelerated ageing Ageing; Loss of volatiles on heating of plasticised-PVC-coated fabrics; Tropical test

ISO 1419

Floor coverings Compressibility; Resilience Not applicable

AS 2111.17, 

BS 4098

Work of compression Not applicable

AS 4288, 

BS 4098

Abrasion resistance Not applicable

TWC 122-1992, 

TWC 283-1992

Appearance Tetrapod walker and hexapod tumbler

TWC 237-1980, 

TWC 247, 

TWC 251-1992

Backing yarn analysis - Wovens Not applicable

BS 2865

Underlay specification for textile floor coverings Not applicable

AS 4288, 

BS 5808

Underlay resistance to breaking and cracking Not applicable

AS 4288, 

BS 5808 Appendix A

Surface pile density Not applicable

AS 2111.4

Dimensional stability Not applicable

AWTA 56, 

BS 4682.2, 

BS 4682.4, 

TWC 128-1992

Pile fibre volume ratio

ISO 7211.3

Mass Not applicable

AS 2111.3, 

AS 2111.4, 

AS 2111.11, 

BS 4223, 

ISO 854, 

TWC 277

Thickness Not applicable

AS 2111.1, 

BS 4051

Tuft withdrawal force Not applicable

AS 2111.15, 

ISO 4919, 

TWC 202-1992

Thickness (height) of pile above backing Not applicable

AS 2111.5, 

TWC 20

Thickness loss after dynamic loading Not applicable

AS 2111.2, 

ISO 2094, 

TWC 123-1992

Bond strength Not applicable

AS 2111.16, 

TWC 264-1992

Static loading short and long term Not applicable

AS 2111.13, 

AS 2111.14, 

BS 4939

Tufts per unit length Not applicable

AS 2111.9, 

BS 4223, 

ISO 1763, 

TWC 139, TWC 140-1992

Geotextiles California bearing ratio (CBR) burst strength California bearing ratio plunger (CBR) AS 3706.4
Puncture resistance Drop cone

AS 3706.5

Durability Not applicable

AS 3706.11, 

AS 3706.12, 

AS 3706.13

Permittivity Not applicable

AS 3706.9

Geotextiles; Textile and clothing fabrics Tear resistance Double rip tear; Falling pendulum apparatus - Elmendorf; Single rip tear; Tearing trapezoidal; Wing rip tear

AS 2001.2.8, 

AS 2001.2.10, 

AS 3706.3, 

AS 4878.7, 

ASTM D1117, 

ASTM D1424, 

ASTM D2261, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A12, 

TWC 172

Leather and leather products Flex endurance Not applicable

EN ISO 5402 - 2002

Colour fastness to rubbing Not applicable

ISO 11640 - 1993

Absorbency Not applicable AATCC 79
Slide fasteners Tension Not applicable

AS 2332 Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

Textile and clothing fabrics Length Single fibre and almeter


Resistance to water Spray rating AATCC 22,
AS 2001.2.16,
DEF(AUST) 5037 method A20,
ISO  4920
Pile fibre volume ratio Not applicable

ISO 7211.3

Faults in combed wool sliver Not applicable


Extension under static load Not applicable

AS 2663.1 Appendix B, 

AS 2663.2 Appendix B
Stretch and recovery Not applicable

BS 4952:1992

Cover factor Not applicable

TWC 169

Twist Not applicable

AS 2001.2.14, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A6, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A7,  

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A8

Bow of yarn in woven fabric Not applicable

ASTM D3882

Colour change on abrasion - Frosting Not applicable

AATCC 119, 

AATCC 120, 

AS 2001.4.22, 

AS 2001.4.23

Courses and wales of knitting fabrics Not applicable

AS 2001.2.6

Garment assessment Not applicable AS/NZS 1249,
AS/NZS 4602.1,
AS/NZS 4602.2,
AS/NZS 4824 excluding clause 6.2,
AS 4967 excluding clauses  3.13.3, 3.13.4, 3.17
Shrinkage Not applicable

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A15, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A16, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A17

Threads per unit length Not applicable

AS 2001.2.5, 

ASTM D3775, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A2

Mass Not applicable

AS 2001.2.13, 

ASTM D3776, 

BS 2471, 

BS 4784:1988, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 method A4, 

ISO 3374, ISO 3801, 

IWTO 22, 

TWC 13

Label durability Not applicable

AS/NZS 1249-2003 Appendix J,

AS/NZS 1249 Appendix B

Construction of knitting fabrics Not applicable

BS 5441

Relaxation Not applicable

TWC 254

Pilling resistance Brush; Martindale; Pilling box; Random tumble pilling tester

AS 3789.6 Appendix D, 

ASTM D3512, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A28, 

ISO 12945-1,
ISO 12945-2,
TWC 152, TWC 196
Heat resistance Not applicable

EN 469 Annex A, NFPA 1971

Air permeability Not applicable

AS 2001.2.34

Resistance to water Cone

AS 2001.2.18, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 method A19

Shrinkage Not applicable

AS 2001.5.4 (Machine type A), 

AS 2001.5.5 - 1987 (Cubex), 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A17, 

ISO 6330, 

ISO 10528,

TWC 31

Stiffness Not applicable

AS 2001.2.9, 

ASTM D1388, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A23

Weave analysis Not applicable

BS 2861

Resistance to water Hydrostatic pressure AS 2001.2.17,
BS EN 20811,
DEF(AUST) 5037 method A18,
ISO 811
Width Not applicable

AS 2001.2.12, 

ASTM D3774

Burst evaluation Not applicable

AS 2001.2.4, 

AS 2001.2.19,

AS 2259.1, 

AS 3706.4, 

AS 4878.5, 

BS EN ISO 13938-1, 

BS EN ISO 13938-2

Hydraulic diaphragm tests - 400 to 6 000 kPa

Ball burst tests - 0.05 N to 100 kN

Diameter Airflow; Projection microscope

AS 2001.2.1, 

AS 4492.4,

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A25, 

IWTO 6, IWTO 8, IWTO 12, IWTO  28,

TWC 24
Dimensions Not applicable

AS 2001.5.1, 

AS 3789.4 Appendix B

Dimensional stability Not applicable

AS 2663.3 Appendix F, 

BS 4682.4,

ISO 17984
Surface friction

BS 3424.10 Method A

Seam slippage; Strength Not applicable

AS 2001.2.20, 

AS 2001.2.21, 

AS 2001.2.22, 

AS 3706.6,

ASTM D1683, 

ASTM D434, 

BS 3320:1988, 

ISO 13935.1,

ISO 13935.2,

TWC 117
Thickness static and dynamic compression methods Not applicable


ASTM D1777, 

BS EN ISO 5084,

ISO 5084
Abrasion resistance Flexing; Inflated diaphragm apparatus; Martindale; Oscillating cylinder; Stoll; Taber abraser

AATCC 119,
AATCC 120,  

AS 2001.2.25, 

AS 2001.2.27,  

AS 2001.2.26, 

AS 2001.2.28,

AS 2663 Appendix G, 

AS 2687 Appendices A and B,
ASTM D3597, ASTM D3885,
ASTM D3886,

ASTM D4157, 

ASTM D3884, 

BS EN ISO 12947, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A24

HN 0084, 

SAE J1530,

TWC 112
Textile and clothing fabrics; Yarn and sewing thread Correct invoice mass calculation Not applicable

BS 4784, 

IWTO 33, 


Shrinkage Not applicable


TWC 9, TWC 10, TWC 18

Textile and clothing fabrics Tension Not applicable

AS/NZS 1753 Appendices A and B, 

AS 1891.1 Appendices A and B, 

AS 2001.2.3.1, 

AS 2001.2.3.2, 

AS 2001.2.7, 

AS 2663.1 Appendix A, 

AS 2663.2 Appendix B,

AS 3706.2, 

ASTM D1117, 

ASTM D2256, 

ASTM D5034, 

ASTM D5035, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A9, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A10, 

ISO 2062, 

ISO 4312,

ISO 9073.3, 

ISO 13934-1, 

ISO 13934-2, 


0.05 N to 100 kN

Wool Surface friction Not applicable

AS/NZS 4547.3, 


Extension under static load Not applicable


Dimensions Not applicable


Stability to ultraviolet Not applicable


Stitch requirements Not applicable


Tear resistance Not applicable


Breaking load Not applicable


Heat stability of anti-slip Not applicable

AS/NZS 4547.2,


Seam strength Not applicable


Yarn and sewing thread Linear density Not applicable

AS 2001.2.23, 

DEF(AUST) 5037 Method A5,

ISO 2060, 

ISO 7211.5

Performance evaluation of personnel protection equipment and general ballistic measurements Protective clothing Heat resistance Not applicable ISO 17493
Retro-reflective materials for high visibility clothing, flotation devices, vehicle markings and road traffic control purposes


Bond strength Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1, Appendix H

Adhesive bond
Solvent resistance Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1, Appendix G

Accelerated weathering Xenon-arc

AS/NZS 1906.1 Appendix I, 

HN 0256,

HN 0276, 


SAE J2527


Scratch resistance Visual examination

AS/NZS 1906.1 Appendix F

Fogging characteristics Not applicable



TSM 0503G, 


ISO 6452

automotive trim components and materials

Salt spray Not applicable


Impact Not applicable

AS/NZS 1906.1 Appendix F

Protective liner Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1 Clause 2.5.4

Shrinkage - Unapplied Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1, Appendix F

Elongation; Tensile properties Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1 Appendix F

Accelerated weathering Not applicable

AS NZS 1906.1 Appendix I

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