beTcs Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd


beTcs Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

beTcs Asia-Pacific

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

29 May 2019


PO Box 6
Bald Hills, QLD 4036


Mr David Milanoli P: +61 0405828770


Type A Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation

beTcs Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Building products - Inspection Cladding systems; Curtain walling; Door, window and skylight assemblies; Facade assemblies; Sloped glazing systems Compliance for structural properties; Compliance for weather performance; Process inspection; Witnessing In-house procedures with acceptance criteria drawn from Client contract, specifications, and relevant standards covered under AS, AS/NZS, SIROWET, AAMA, ASTM, BS EN, CWCT, and NCC BCA for the listed products.

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