Mine Safety Technical Services



Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

12 Mar 2024


Unit 31/2 Indigo Loop
Yallah, NSW 2530



Mr Brian Howell P: +61 (02) 42297133


Type C Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation


ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Explosion-protected electrical equipment - Overhaul and maintenance inspection Electrical equipment for use in hazardous atmospheres; Ex 'i' intrinsic safety Overhaul inspection

Covering standards, codes and specifications addressing the service, including AS/NZS 3800 (2020), MP 87.2.

Limited to Group I and Group II equipment for use in hazardous atmospheres
ANZEx Certificate of Recognition No. ANZEx SF 10.5757 issue 6
The inspections are performed at the workshop and mobile workshop.
CMTS undertakes overhaul and repair work on the following units to the extent as authorised by the manufacturers of the individual units.
The range and type of equipment covered under the NSW Resources Regulator activity as listed below:
Drager Xam 2000MDR 070454 GDANZEx 11.2003X
Drager Xam 2500
MDR 144023 GD-0
ANZEx 11.2003X
Drager Xam 5000MDR 087206 GD-2a
ANZEx 11.2003X
Drager Xam 5600MDR 105959 GDANZEx 11.2003X
Drager Xam 7000No MDR under ExemptionANZEx 05.3019X
Drager Xam 8000
-ANZEx 19.2002X
Ampcontrol Gasguard O2, H2S, CO (65-6550)MDR 086760 GDIECEx ITA 07.0002X
Ampcontrol Gasguard CH4 (65-6551)MDR GD 5056, MDR 086759 GDANZEx 03.3912X, ANZEx 03.4024X, IECEx TSA 06.0044X
Ampcontrol Gasguard CO2 (65-6552)MDR 087482 GDIECEx TSA 06.0044X
Ampcontrol Gasguard 2 (CH4 and CO2 IR, CH4 Cat, O2, CO, H2S EC)

MDR 0001030 GD MDR 0001558 GD

IECEx TRA 16.0020X
Trolex STX 3241 (Toxic)-ANZEx 08.3038X
Trolex STX 3261 (CH4)MDR 087727 GDANZEx 07.3066X
Trolex TX 6363 (CO2)-ANZEx 12.3015X
Trolex TX 6373MDR Exia 10223ANZEx 12.3016X, AUSEx 02.3862X
Trolex TX 6383MDA Exia 10222, MDR 089107 GDANZEx 12.3021X, AUSEx 00.1522X
Casella TUFF personal air sampler-ANZEx 10.4096X
MSA Altair 4XMDR 113974 GDANZEx 08.3018X, IECEx TSA 08.0013X
MSA Altair 4XRIECEx SIR 16.0096
MSA Altair 5XIECEx TSA 09.0013X, ANZEx 09.3008X
MST ICCL Caplamps
ANZEx 07.3023X
Industrial Scientific MX-6 iBrid
-ANZEx 09.3015X
Industrial Scientific Ventis mx4
-ANZEx 11.3006X
Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro 4
-ANZEx 16.5001
Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro 5
-ANZEx 16.5001

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